Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ramon Film Productions: Action from Ghana!

I'm sure many of you by now have heard about Ramon Film Productions, the new film studio from Uganda - a country not normally known for it's movies. They were all over YouTube a few months ago with the trailer for their first movie "Who Killed Captain Alex?". While this may sound like the title of an Italian Giallo film, it's actually a total B-grade jungle action movie. The real thing is, this little Ugandan production house has absolutely no money, no professional actors and could not get permission to use real weapons, helicopters etc. in their films... so ALL the effects are done with computer graphics so bad that you could have done better in 1986 on your Amiga 500 using Deluxe Paint.

The final product is something you really need to see... and Ramon Productions did not stop there! They have unleashed the trailers for two new movies: "The Return of Uncle Benon" and "Rescue Team". You can mock the bad effects and wooden acting but you can't mock the A-grade effort that has gone into these productions. Plus some of the martial arts actually looks pretty good!

Who Killed Captain Alex?

The Return of Uncle Benon

Rescue Team


  1. I need to check these out. Really cool, and almost makes me wonder if I can make a movie now!

  2. I posted these trailers on FB a while ago and everyone was juuust flabbergasted! Haha. Do you have any idea of where they are available from? I assume they're on DVD (or DVD-R) over there but are there any web store that sell them, do you know?

  3. Well it appears that the website flaunted in the videos above has been taken offline! I am pretty sure that the uploader of those videos is the production studio so I asked on their YouTube channel comments what's happened!